06 February, 2017

New Master and Ph.D. Students at ANPERC

We are pleased to welcome Wonjun, Gloria, Eduardo and Rami to ANPERC and KAUST who recently joined Prof. Carlos Santamarina’s Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory Group (EGEL).

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23 November, 2016

Messy Data, Digital Natives, and Visionary Future Technology - KAUST Research Conference: Advances in Well Construction with Focus on Near-Wellbore Physics and Chemistry

Among many provocative ideas, the problem of “messy” drilling and downhole data, and how to improve the quality of that data was a key theme of the KAUST Research Conference: Advances in Well Construction. The conference, hosted Nov 7-9 by ANPERC, brought together key industry and academic research leaders to delineate the main physical, mechanical, and chemical reasons for oil and gas drilling inefficiencies and mishaps, and propose a way forward using the best multidisciplinary approaches.

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17 November, 2016

Dr. Xunchang Fei joins ANPERC

ANPERC is proud to announce the addition of one new Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Xunchang Fei, who has joined Prof. Carlos Santamarina’s Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory Group (EGEL). Dr.

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16 November, 2016

ANPERC welcomes Hussein Hoteit

Dr. Hussein Hoteit recently joined ANPERC as an Associate Professor. Prior to joining us he was Staff Reservoir Engineer at Chevron in the United States of America.

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31 October, 2016

Date set for KAUST Research Conference: Advances in Well Construction

KAUST Research Conference: Advances in Well Construction set for Nov 7-9, 2016

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12 October, 2016

Santhi Chandra joins ANPERC

Santhi Chandra recently joined ANPERC as a Research Scientist. During her Ph.D. and as a research intern at BG Group, Santhi’s focus was to develop a cross-disciplinary understanding of carbonate reservoirs, especially in; carbonate reservoir characterization, formation evaluation, reservoir modeling and simulation, and using production data for history matching.

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09 October, 2016

New ANPERC Students

ANPERC welcomed new students to both research groups in September 2016.

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06 October, 2016

ANPERC Lab Construction Update

Beginning its second full year of operation at KAUST, ANPERC looks to the start of the 2016-17 academic year with a full slate of exciting events and activities. One of these milestones will be the completion of the center's cutting-edge laboratory.

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02 October, 2016

Celebrating KAUST Achievements in the summer of 2016

Celebrating KAUST Achievements in the summer of 2016: #1 university in the world, in terms of citations per faculty, and #19 fastest growing university in terms of contributions by Nature Research

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27 September, 2016

EGEL Team Retreat

"The retreat was a fantastic opportunity for our team members to take time out from our laboratory work and to develop firm goals for the upcoming academic year" -Professor Carlos Santamarina

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08 September, 2016

Running Tests on the Floor of the Red Sea

Members of ANPERC ventured out into the Red Sea to test a new tool—designed and built in-house with the assistance of KAUST's Central Workshops—that aims to provide a set of subsurface sediment analyses that can't be conducted in the lab.

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06 September, 2016

Finkbeiner Appointed to EAGE Committee

ANPERC wishes to congratulate Senior Research Scientist Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner on his recent appointment to the Student Affairs Committee for the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers. (SAC-EAGE).

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01 September, 2016

ANPERC to host booth; Saputra to Compete in SPE International Paper Contest

Visit the ANPERC Booth at SPE ATCE in Dubai, Sept 26-28.

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21 July, 2016

Patzek Paper makes cover of Physics Today

ANPERC Center Director and Professor Tad Patzek co-authored an engaging article for the cover of July 2016 issue of Physics Today. The article, “Physics, Fracking, Fuel, and the Future” explores one of the critical issues facing the scientists and policy-makers around the world: how do we estimate the amount of time left for hydrocarbons?

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14 July, 2016

Professor Santamarina Wins Hogentogler Award

Professor Carlos Santamarina, Associate Director of ANPERC, was recently announced as the recipient of the Hogentogler Award by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for his paper "Laboratory X-Ray Tomography: A valuable Experimental Tool for Revealing Processes in Soils"

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27 June, 2016

Let’s Challenge This! – The KAUST Athenaeum on Multiscale Imaging of Large Rock Volumes: Implications for Hydrocarbon Production

Spirited exchange on the traditional assumptions made by engineers, physicists, geologists and geophysicists was the order of the day during the KAUST Athenaeum on Multiscale Imaging of Large Rock Volumes, held April 4-6, 2016 at KAUST.

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09 June, 2016

Meet the new group of visiting students at ANPERC

​If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student looking to conduct your research with amazing faculty and cutting-edge laboratory equipment, then VSRP program is for you! The Visiting Student Research Internship Program (VSRP) at KAUST provides an opportunity for students to visit KAUST for their research and get a chance to work with highly qualified faculty, meet other graduate students in the field of petroleum engineering, enjoy the beautiful campus and experience the diverse culture at KAUST.

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31 May, 2016

ANPERC Shines at 2016 SPE ATSE Dhahran

ANPERC has its first award-winning student paper! Wardana Saputra, who recently joined KAUST as a PhD student in Prof. Tad Patzek's Earth Geosystems Group (EGG) in ANPERC, was recognized for his outstanding paper at the 2016 Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition (ATSE) in Dhahran.

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26 May, 2016

Putting the pieces together – simulations in oil reservoir models. A numerical modeler’s journey from South Korea to KAUST

When scientists and researchers talk about history, it is often in terms of a specific experiment that lasts hours, days, or perhaps just a couple years. But a visiting professor is spending a year at the Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC) to help explain the history of oil and gas reservoirs and their development over the last 500 million years.

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28 April, 2016

Open Mind, New Science

The scientific and engineering culture at ANPERC can be characterized simply: open-minded. At the center’s first technical event, the KAUST Athenaeum on Dissolution and Precipitation, held on campus February 7-10, 2016, being open-minded extended to every part of the event. It’s something that Prof. Carlos Santamarina, the event’s organizer and host, takes to heart even when he invited participation to a last-minute change to the packed schedule.

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