Weiwei Zhu

​​​​MS/Ph.D. Student - ERPE Program - Patzek Group

Research Interest: ​Petrophysics, mechanics of oil and gas flow in porous media, numerical modeling and simulation of reservoirs, fractal and multifractal theory

Saleh F. Hassan

​​​​​​Ph.D. Student - ERPE Program - Patzek Group

Research Interest: Heavy oil, enhanced oil recovery, Miscible Flooding, Carbonate Reservoirs, reservoir heterogeneity

Ryan Santoso

​Ph.D. Student - ERPE Program - Hoteit group

Research Interest: EOR, Multiphase flow, Porous media, Corrosion, Pipe, Heavy oil

Miliausha Petrova

​MS Student - ERPE Program - Afifi Group

Research Interest: ​​Reservoir engineering1, petroleum engineering, reservoir modelling

Eduardo Gramajo Silva

Ph.D. Student - ERPE Program - Santamarina Group

Research Interest: ​Multiphase flow systems, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) for “Unconventional Energy” or “CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG)”, Fluid-sediment interaction, Enhanced methane hydrates extraction, with carbon dioxide injection, Geomechanics of reservoirs