Jamal Alaamri


​Ph.D. Student - Hoteit Group

Research Interests

​Formation damage assessment of oilfield chemicals, treatment of induced formation damage, mitigation and control measures of oilfield inorganic scales and asphaltene, chemical enhanced oil recovery.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • Efficiency of Selected Terpene-Based and Conventional Solvents in the Dissolution of Asphaltene Deposits
    J. AlAamri, M. AlDahlan and S. AlDarwesh
    SPE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Annual Technical Symposium & Exhibition, Dammam, (2018)
  • Formation Damage Assessment and Adsorption/Desorption Profile of New Phosphonate-Based Scale Inhibitor at 350oF
    J. AlAamri, M. AlDahlan and I. Yami
    SPE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Annual Technical Symposium & Exhibition, Dammam, (2018)
  • Baseline Determination of Selected Organochlorine and Organophosphorus Pesticides in the Arabian Gulf
    J. AlAamri, B. Chanbasha
    ChemIndix, Bahrain, (2016)



  • Modification of Bentonite Properties for Drilling Fluids. US Patent 2018/0355235 A1 December 13, 2018


  • Ph.D. Candidate, ANPERC, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, 2019-present
  • M.Sc. Environmental Science, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2013
  • B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, FUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2007

Professional Profile

  • 2016-2019: Petroleum Scientist, EXPEC Advanced Research Center, Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • 2014-2016: Supervisor, Innovation & Technology Unit, Aramco, Tanajib, Saudi Arabia
  • 2014-2012: Innovation Coordinator, Aramco Tanajib, Saudi Arabia
  • 2012-2007: Lab Scientist, Northern Area Oil Operation Lab Division, Aramco, Saudi Arabia  

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE)


  • ​Annual Departmental Best Achiever, Northern Area Technical Support Department 2013,2014 & 2015
  • Annual Award, EXPEC Advanced Research Center, 2018

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC)
  • Physical Science and Engineering Division (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

​Formation Damage Stimulation Organic and Inorganic Oilfield Scale Chemical Enhanced Oil recovery