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Capillary-Sealing Efficiency of Mica-Proxy Caprock for CO2/H2 Geologic Storage in the Presence of Organic Acids and Nanofluids
Article Year: 2023 DOI:10.2118/217471-pa
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Holocene Deformations at the Po Plain–Southern Alps Transition (Lake Maggiore, Italy): Inferences on Glacially vs. Tectonic-Induced Origin
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Enhancing the CO2 trapping capacity of Saudi Arabian basalt via nanofluid treatment: Implications for CO2 geo-storage
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Effect of Methyl Orange on the Hydrogen Wettability of Sandstone Formation for Enhancing the Potential of Underground Hydrogen Storage
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Uncertainty quantification and optimization method applied to time-continuous geothermal energy extraction
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Saudi Arabian basalt/C02/brine wettability Implications for CO2 geo-storage
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Fragmentation, rafting, and drowning of a carbonate platform margin in a rift-basin setting
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Structure and morphology of the Red Sea, from the mid-ocean ridge to the ocean-continent boundary
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Assessing the potential of solubility trapping in unconfined aquifers for subsurface carbon storage.
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Pore topology, volume expansion and pressure development in chemically-induced foam cements
Article Year: 2022
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Petrographic Features Prediction of Carbonate Reservoir Based on Thin Sections Using Deep-Learning
Article Year: 2022
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HatchFrac: A fast open-source DFN modeling software
Article Year: 2022
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The subsurface carbonation potential of basaltic rocks from the Jizan region of Southwest Saudi Arabia
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Novel Mixed Wettability Coating: Application in Microfluidics Fabrication
Conference Paper Year: 2022
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