Hello, I am Salah Alsaffar, the procurement Specialist at ANPERC.
The procurement function at ANPERC is guided by KAUST procurement policies and procedures.
I would like to share some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about procurement at ANPERC.

What are the steps to follow when initiating a procurement request at ANPERC?

 Step 1: Check the availability of the item(s)
Before placing a request, you may want to check its availability in the warehouse.

  • To search for the item’s availability in the warehouses via the KAUST portal, please visit the KAUST portal demo catalog using the button below: 


User Name: guest
Password: guest1234

  •  If you are unable to find the item(s), you can contact KAUST registered suppliers to obtain a quotation or to discuss the technical specifications. Here is a list of the preferred KAUST registered suppliers:

Fisher US
VWR Avantor sciences
UTECH new email

For non-chemical items, you can contact Omnitrance

Please note that the ANPERC Procurement Specialist is available to help you if you need assistance in obtaining a quotation.

Step 2: Submit your order or request a quote by visiting:


Step 3: Once you have submitted the order, the ANPERC Procurement Specialist will raise a shopping cart (SC) and submit it for approval by:

  • The Pocket ID owner
  • The Dean’s office
  • For IT equipment, IT department will review and approve

Step 4: After these approvals, the order will then be submitted to the KAUST procurement hub to proceed with the order and create a Purchase Order (PO). The PO will clearly indicate the payment and delivery terms and conditions and the Estimated Delivery Time.

How will the requester know that a Purchase order for the items has been issued?

When the PO is issued, it will be automatically sent to the supplier, and a copy will be sent to the requester by email.

What should the requester do in case the items are not delivered within the Estimated Delivery Time indicated in the PO?

In case the items are not delivered within the Estimated Delivery time, please give an allowance of Ten to Fifteen days after the Estimated Delivery Time, then visit the logistics portal  to check the delivery status using the PO number provided. If you need more clarification, you can contact

Are there any policies concerning invoices and payments, export and import of items that the requester should be aware of?

Yes, please note the following:

  • Invoices for Non-PO and PO invoices:  The new procurement policy stipulates NO advanced Payment to vendors. All vendors should accept the payment terms of 30 days after receiving the items/ services at KAUST. For Vendors who fail to accept this, we will not place the order and will go to the preferred KAUST registered suppliers!


  • All services POs will be subjected to a Withholding tax from supplier payments. Withholding tax is an income tax charged to organizations registered outside of Saudi Arabia and are receiving payments for services provided to organizations registered in Saudi Arabia. Please click here for the KAUST WHT regulations guide for suppliers.


  • NON-material/ services invoices: We can process invoices that are less than $3K, for example, conferences, registration and publication fees. These invoices can be paid by KAUST’s account payable department. In exceptional cases, we may pay using the ANPERC AMEX card. Please click here for more information on when and how to request to use the AMEX card.


  • Invoices for Materials/ services will not be accepted without a Shopping Cart and PO.
  • Obtaining a proof of payment will take 3-5 days.

Export/ Import Requests:

For business Export requests, please click the button below and fill out the form:


For business Import requests, please click the button below and fill out the form:


KAUST logistics responds only to Export/ Import requests sent via official and proper steps. Please note that some items are prohibited or need the government’s permission before exporting/importing. Approval from OSR is required for pre-approval of some OSR funded projects.

To read more about AMERICAN EXPRESS (AMEX) P-Card Program Usage Guidelines, please, click on the button below:



Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the forms or resource page.
Remember that we are constantly changing and that your help is significant to us.