Our research places emphasis on the fundamental understanding of geo-materials, coupled thermo-hydro-bio-chemo-mechanically processes and emergent phenomena, with advanced applications for the energy sector. Our approach is based on elegant experimental designs (with extensive instrumentation and monitoring), complemented with simple but robust analytical solutions and numerical simulations.

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Temperature & Humidity Environmental Test Chambers

CSZ's Z-Plus Test Chambers are capable of simulating a variety of temperature and humidity conditions for environmental testing

X-Ray Powder Diffraction XRD

The XRD is a nondestructive approach for element and chemical analysis. It is used to provide information on the chemical composition and the potential behavior of the material. We use these diffraction patterns to accurately identify and quantify the composition and characterization of rocks and sediments. Mineral composition changes due to hydro-chemo- thermo-bio coupled process can also be analyzed using the device.

X-ray CT Scanner

Our customized X-ray CT scanner has the capacity to scan large and heavy specimens, (including full-size rock cores), using a high powered X-ray beam and rotational stage. The unique design also enables the study of hydro-chemo- mechanical coupling processes of rock and soil specimens.

Sub-bottom Profiler

The 3100 is EdgeTech’s portable version of sub-bottom profiler. It has the capability of penetration surfaces up to 100 m