Technical Writing and Text editing Services at ANPERC


ANPERC provides English language text editing services for technical and scientific research documents such as abstracts, manuscripts, reports, proposals, theses, and dissertations. ANPERC Technical writing Assistants proofread to improve the grammar -tenses, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, spelling, diction, sentence structure- precision and concision. Technical Writing Assistants make no attempt to edit the content or structure of the documents.

Text formats:

Word or PDF electronic versions

Contact details:

Please write to for text editing requests from

  • EGG: Energy Geosystems Research Group
  • CaResS Geology: Carbonate Reservoirs Studies Group
  • ARMS: Advanced Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Research Group
  • APG: Arabian Plate Geology Group
  • RockGem: Rock Geomechanics Research Group
  • MERGE: Mechatronics and Energy Systems Research Group
  • DSFT: Digital Subsurface Flow & Transport
  • SEASTAR: Climate, Sea-level and Stratigraphic Architecture

Note: Please remember to always check with your PI and respective journal for the preferred format, writing style, and specific guidelines.

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Technical Writing

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