MERGE: Mechatronics and Energy Systems Research Group



In the field of smart grids, MERGE group is leading research on distributed/renewable power generation, utility power conversion, microgrid energy management/storage, hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains, and HVDC systems. 

Research Interests:

  • Power Conversion and Distribution

  • Electromechanics and Applied Magnetics

  • Subsurface Mechatronics

​The group is also working on several issues that are related to petroleum engineering. During drilling operations, there are several uncertainties​ regarding the physical properties of the formation ahead, the wear state of the bit, etc. 

Research Interests:

  • ​Formation Evaluation

  • Drilling Optimization

  • Well Integrity

  • Drilling Data Analytics

  • Downhole Equipment

  • Downhole Sensors


Shehab Ahmed

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