Bicheng Yan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: reservoir simulation, data analytics, Unconventional Reservoirs, geologic carbon storage

Tadeusz W. Patzek, Ph.D.

​Center ​Director, Professor Chemical & Petroleum Engineering - Energy Geosystems Research group

Hussein Hoteit, Ph.D.

​Associate Professor, Advanced Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Research group

Research Interests: Reservoir engineering, enhanced oil recovery, experimental design, compositional modeling, fractured reservoirs

Abdulkader Afifi, Ph.D.

​Professor of Arabian Plate Geology group

Research Interests: ​Regional geology of the Middle East, particularly the geological evolution of the Red Sea, Neotectonics and seismicity

Shehab Ahmed, Ph.D.

Professor of Mechatronics and Energy Systems Research Group

Research Interests: Power Conversion and Distribution, Subsurface Mechatronics, Renewable Energy Systems

Volker Vahrenkamp, Ph.D.

​​Professor of Carbonate Reservoirs Studies

Research Interests: Modern & ancient carbonates, diagenesis, chemo stratigraphy, Geothermal energy

Thomas Finkbeiner, Ph.D.

Research Professor of Rock Geomechanics Research

Research Interests: ​Geomechanics, Drilling, Well completion, Reservoir modeling

Frans Van Buchem, Ph.D.

Professor of Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering

Research Interests: climate change, sea level fluctuations, Arabian Plate