Sample Preparation Laboratory



The value of core analysis, and especially for geomechanics, is intimately tied to core quality and, as necessary, plug quality. Cores are expensive to obtain and irreplaceable, typically one chance is present to get a plug suitable for testing. Knowledge, experience, equipment, and procedures ensure the highest possible plugging success rates. Current equipment at ANPERC provides

  • Minimal vibration using a milling machine which rotates true to minimize core and plug damage
  • Experienced and careful engineering technician who knows how to feel their way through a core at a safe penetration rate.
  • Utilization of a compatible plugging fluid based upon experience with the mineralogy and texture of the core fit for purpose coring bits compatible with the nature of the core material.
  • Core slabbing to prepare an archived set of stratigraphic column through a section of the core. Also used to expose bedding and geologic features that are not apparent in the outer diameter of the core material.


Core Slabbing Saw

​A high precision, high accuracy horizontal saw with a wet-dry cutting head.

Grinder Polisher

The MetaServ 250, and Ecomet 300 Pro Grinder Polishers offer a combination of performance, economy, and reliability for microstructural analysis applications.

Linear Precision Saw

The IsoMet 5000 is a precision saw was designed for cutting various material types with minimal deformation. Capable of positioning sample precisely to a micron dimension