Postdoctoral Fellows

Muhammad Ali

Postdoctoral Fellow - Hoteit group

Research Interest: Gas Geo-storage (H2 and CO2), Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery, Petro-physics, Multi-phase Flow Through Porous Media

Yuri Panara

Post-doctoral fellow - Volker Vahrenkamp Group

Research Interest: structural geology

Santiago Peña Clavijo

Post-doctoral fellow - Aboud Afifi & Thomas Finkbeiner

Research Interest: Thermodynamics, finite element methods, fracture phase field, material modeling, Arabian plate deformation

Thomas Teillet, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Vahrenkamp Group

Research Interest: Sedimentology, Carbonate, Stratigraphy, diagenesis, rock physics, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Reservoir modeling

Ahmed Hafez Abdelaziz

Post-doctoral fellow - Santamarina Group

Research Interest: Soft matter, clogging, granular flow, magnetically-reactive fluids

Antoine Delaunay, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Afifi Group

Research Interest: ​Arabian Plate Geology, geomorphology, Pediments, Planation Surfaces, Weathering, Volcanism, Sedimentology, Mid-Ocean Ridges, Red Sea Geology

Jing Ye, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Afifi Group

Research Interest: Paleogeography, CO2 storage, rift margin, source-to-sink, clastics

Ksenia Kaprielova, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Patzek Group

Research Interest: ​Lost circulation control, Polymer rheology, Low-salinity waterflooding

Lalit Kumar, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Ahmed Group

Research Interest: ​Smart Grid, Micro Grid (Electrical Power System)

Zia Ullah, Ph.D

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Ahmed Group

Research Interest: ​Motor control drives, PMSM, Condition Monitoring, Predictive maintenance, Fault diagnosis

Mouadh Addassi, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Hoteit Group

Research Interest: ​Reactive transport modeling, CO2 sequestration, Mineral characterization, Materials, Deep learning

Jakub Fedorik, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Afifi group

Research Interest: ​Structural styles, strike-slip tectonics, analogue modelling

Pankaj Khanna, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Vahrenkamp group

Research Interest: ​Carbonate Depositional Systems, geomorphology, Coral Reefs

Joshua Smith, Ph.D.

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Santamarina group

Alexandros Tasianas, PhD

​Postdoctoral Fellow - Hoteit Group

Research Interest: CO2 storage, CCUS, subsurface fluid flow, seismic interpretation, 3D geological modeling, field work

Marisol Salva Ramirez, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Santamarina Group

Research Interest: Soils properties, sediments properties, soil database