Research Scientists

Ivan Chukanov

Research Scientist

Research Interests: Setups engineering, Hydraulic fracturing, materials and process modeling

Jeffrey Carpenter

Geological Laboratory Technician

Research Interests: Lapidary, Thin Sections, Metasomatism

David Fernando Ariza Gonzalez

Research Specialist - Ahmed Group

Research Interests: thermal plasma, instrumentation

Fahd Mohamed

Research Specialist - Ahmed Group

Research Interests: Mechanical design, Oil and Gas Drilling tools design

Moutazbellah Khater

Research Scientist - Ahmed Group

Research Interests: Power Electronics, Magnetic measurements, Automotive Electronics, electronics manufacturing

Yuriy Kaprielov

Geoscience Data Specialist - Buchem Group

Research Interests: Data engineering, ML in Geoscience

Claire Birnie

Research Scientist - Finkbeiner Group

Research Interests: Geophysics, Deep learning, Signal Processing

Maxim Yutkin

​​​Research Scientist - Patzek Group

Siarhei Khirevich

​​Research Scientist - Patzek Group

Antoine Delaunay

Research Scientist

Research Interests: ​Arabian Plate Geology, geomorphology, Pediments, Planation Surfaces, Weathering, Volcanism, Sedimentology, Mid-Ocean Ridges, Red Sea Geology

Mouadh Addassi, Ph.D.

Research Scientist - Hoteit Group

Research Interests: CO2 sequestration, carbon mineralization

Viswasanthi Chandra

​Research Scientist - Vahrenkamp Group

Research Interests: Carbonate characterization, Digital rock analysis, machine learning, CO2 sequestration

Qi Liu

Research Scientist - Santamarina Group

Research Interests: Well completion, wellbore stability, fluid transport through porous media

Tarek Mostafa

​Research Specialist - Ahmed Group

Research Interests: Power Electronics, Electronic Circuits, Wireless Power Transmission, Power Systems

Mohammed-iliès Ayachi

​Research Specialist - Ahmed Group

Research Interests: Software architect, MLOps, computer vision, GStreamer, photogrammetry