Rock Mechanics Laboratory


Systems are designed to provide rocks mechanical dynamic/static elastic properties. The rock mechanics test system uses high hydrostatic pressures 15Kpsi, axial loads 200Klbs, and elevated temperatures of up to 160 degrees to set the rock core back into estimated in-situ reservoir conditions in the laboratory environment. Typically generated data is used for the following applications:

  • Provide necessary inputs for Geomechanics Models
  • Evaluation of Wellbore Stability and Hydraulic Fracture Design
  • Reservoir characterization (Static/Dynamic Correlations)
  • Understanding Compaction and Surface Subsidence and its Effects on Permeability
  • In-situ Stress Determination


Rock mechanics

We operate a triaxial testing system from Metarock designed as a research solution for evaluating mechanical rock properties. The system consists of a single innovative 200k lbs load frame utilizing twin precision aligned ball screws and a high pressure (20,000 psi) and temperature (160degC) triaxial testing vessel.

Scratch Tester

The Wombat-Epslog scratch tester is a multi-sensor portable test bench. It allows to measure properties on cores