Lab Research Staff

Sirisha Kamireddy

Research Specialist - ANPERC

Zeyad Al-Talla, Ph.D.

​Lab Manager - ANPERC

Research Interest: ​Extraction and Separation science, Mass spectrometry, Structure elucidation, Environmental analysis, Method validation

Elhadj Marwane Diallo

​Lab Technician - ANPERC

Research Interest: ​Surface Characterization, Thin Film Deposition, Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology, Semiconductor, Materials Science, Metrology, Thermal Deposition, Rocks Characterization

Domingo Lattanzi Sanchez

​Petrophysics Technician

Research Interest: ​Petrophysics, RCA, SCAL, microCT, Geology, core-flooding, core analysis, teaching and mentoring

Nayab Mukhtar

​Lab Equipment Assistant - ANPERC

Marika Panagiotou

​Lab Technician

Research Interest: ​marine geology, geomorphology, stratigraphy, carbon reservoirs, climate change, environmental management

Xuan Zhang

​Laboratory Technician

Research Interest: ​Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), CO2 Thickening, Foam flooding