The Center Laboratory, which became fully operational in 2017, is a unique facility consisting of over 3200 square meters of world-class petroleum, geo-materials, well integrity and flow assurance research space. ​For background about the design and construction of our facilties, click here.


Electrochemistry System

The Electrochemistry System is designed to measure the streaming potential of a 1.0″ x 3.0″ porous sample under isostatic stress up to 300 psi and injection pressure up to 50.0 psi.

Helium Porosimeter

The research grade helium porosimeter at ANPERC is meant for measurement of difficult samples such as shales and tight gas sands where the absolute highest precision is required.

One Attension Theta-High Pressure Contact Angle

The One Attension Theta-High Pressure is a tensiometer for measuring wettability and interfacial tension at high pressures and high temperatures within enhanced oil recovery research.


Nanovea Profilometers are designed to measure a physical wavelength directly related to a specific height without using any complex algorithms.

Steady State Permeameter

The steady state permeameter, SSK-400, is designed to overcome the challenges associated with quantifying low permeability measurements and avoiding major pitfalls.