Laboratory facilities not only define an organization's research capabilities.  They also lay the foundation for future scientific discoveries and the generation of valuable intellectual property.    ANPERC's lab assets​, together with KAUST's world-renown​ Core Laboratories, empower faculty and students to push the boundaries in energy research.  

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Center Laboratory

This unique facility comprises over 3200 square meters of world-class petroleum, geo-materials, well integrity and flow assurance research space.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory

Measures core and fluid parameters to assist in efficient recovery of hydrocarbons.

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Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory

Our research places emphasis on the fundamental understanding of geo-materials, coupled thermo-hydro-bio-chemo-mechanically processes and emergent phenomena, with advanced applications for the energy sector.

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Imaging Laboratory

Provides high-resolution rock sample imaging capabilities.

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Reservoir Rock/Fluid Characterization Laboratory

Reservoir Rock/Fluid Characterization is a small chemical lab that focuses on bulk chemistry of minerals and surface.

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Rock Mechanics Laboratory

Rock Mechanics focuses on mechanical dynamic/static elastic properties.

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Sample Preparation Laboratory

The Sample Preparation Laboratory treats core samples for the highest possible success rate during testing.

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