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Elhadj Marwane Diallo

​Lab Technician


Domingo Lattanzi Sanchez

​Petrophysics Technician


Mahmoud Mowafi

Flow Assurance Technician

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Safya Zaoui

Lab Safety and Operations Specialist

Hello, welcome to the ANPERC Laboratory's resources page.

On this page, you will find safety procedures and guidelines for a good routine in ANPERC laboratories.

If you haven't yet taken your lab orientation training, please take the following mandatory safety training required by KAUST HSE:

- General lab safety training

- Emergency Incident Preparedness Training

- Hazardous Waste Training


To access the HSE training, please, click here and log in to salute

For any login issues, contact:

After completing the HSE training, please send a copy of the certificates to the Lab Safety and Operations Specialist, who can provide you with further instructions for access to ANPERC labs.


ANPERC Safety Lab Plan


Please read the ANPERC Lab Safety Plan (located in front of the Student Area (Building 5, Level 0)) and sign the document to adhere to lab safety practices and good conduct.

Below you can find some information and step by step for several laboratory procedures. Please click on the desired item and access the information:

Facility and Lab Access

Datawaha-Data Storage

Salute and HS&E

Procurement and Supply Chain Services

CoreLab Resources