Imaging Laboratory



The CT-Scan available at ANPERC provides nondestructive high-resolution images of core samples. It can perform a full core sample by performing several high-resolution scans at different vertical positions and automatically merging the reconstructed images into one volume.

Some of the application of the system available includes:

  • The ability to obtain an overview of the different lithologies and local density variation from the core to pore scale
  • To determine the porosity of a core sample
  • Can include water, gas, surfactant and other floods as dictated by the recovery processes that are most suited for specific reservoirs
  • Can perform studies on processes such as wormhole formation, gravity segregation, and channeling 



Low frequency NMR 12 MHz and 2MHz Magnet

2 MHz models are the industry standard for routine measurements of relaxation distributions and basic petro physical parameters, 12 MHz models are used for more sensitive measurements of relaxation distributions which allows to do Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) on core samples

X-ray CT Scanner

Our customized X-ray CT scanner has the capacity to scan large and heavy specimens, (including full-size rock cores), using a high powered X-ray beam and rotational stage. The unique design also enables the study of hydro-chemo- mechanical coupling processes of rock and soil specimens.