CaResS Geology: Carbonate Reservoirs Studies

The Carbonate Reservoirs Studies Group (CaResS Geology) aims to secure future energy supply (improved oil recovery & geothermal energy) through a better understanding of geology at multiple scales. The objective is to develop workflows for improved hydrocarbon recovery in carbonate rocks & geothermal energy. Advanced instrumentation and techniques including drone outcrop mapping, 3D pore network and flow visualization, sediment texture and tomography analyses of modern and ancient carbonates and mechanical stratigraphy, would be utilized to develop an in-depth, high-level understanding of reservoir heterogeneity, microporosity distribution, fracture networks, and fracture/matrix interaction, to develop reservoir models at multiple scales for fluid flow simulation. The outcome will be a series of models for various carbonate reservoir settings and well location patterns with the ultimate goal of supporting drilling/exploration operations and reducing future development costs in real case scenarios.

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Volker Vahrenkamp

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