04 November, 2021

Natalia Odnoletkova was selected to represent Saudi Arabia at COP26.

On November 4th, we had the pleasure of being by AEON Strategy to participate in a panel at COP26.

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04 November, 2021

COP26 regional report and J. Carlos Santamarina

COP26 has highlighted the critical role of the Arabian Peninsula in addressing climate change towards a net-zero future. Professor J. Carlos Santamarina together with other professors contributed to the development of the regional profile for the region ahead of the conference.

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04 November, 2021

Wardana Saputra successfully presented his Ph.D. defense

On November 4th, Wardana Saputra, Ph.D. Candidate Supervised by Director and Prof. Tadeusz Patzek successfully presented his defense entitled: Physics-Guided Data-Driven Production Forecasting in Shales.

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31 October, 2021

Call to participate in KAUST Research Open Week (KROW) from November 28th to December 2nd

Save these dates for KAUST Research Open Week: Nov. 28th-Dec. 2nd. The week will be packed full of #Sustainability science and engineering.

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27 October, 2021

Sci-Café: “Gems of the Red Sea”

On October 27th, Professor Volker Vahrenkamp, leader of the CaResS group, participated along with Professors Daniele Daffonchio and Froukje van der Zwan of the last Sci-Café and they were able to share stories of the “Gems of the Red Sea”.

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26 October, 2021

Future Investment Initiative

The 5th edition of the Future Investment Initiative was held in Riyadh from 26th to 28th October. During the event, PhD student Natalia Odnoletkova participated in a panel discussion session on "Preparing cities for a warmer climate". KAUST Professor S. Mani Sarathy chaired the impact session.

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24 October, 2021

Congratulations Clara!

Congratulations to Clara Modenesi who successfully her PhD thesis "Hot and Cold Seeps in the Red Sea: Surface and Subsurface Manifestations" on September 16.

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13 October, 2021

MetaRock Seminar - Unlocking Reservoir Complexities Using Experimental Research Studies.

From October 3rd to 13th, we had a successful MetaRock Laboratories (MRL) visit to ANPERC.

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05 October, 2021

Baker Hughes delegation visits KAUST and our Research Center

Baker Hughes delegation visits KAUST and our laboratories

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01 October, 2021

KAUST Global Fellowship Program

The KAUST Global Fellowship Program will support outstanding emerging research leaders from around the world to build a path to a fully independent career.

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29 September, 2021

KAUST SEG Student Chapter team wins first place at the 2021 SEG-DGS Middle East Challenge Bowl

The KAUST SEG Student Chapter team composed of Frankstein Arphan and Mohammad Hasyim Taufik put up a spirited performance at the SEG-DGS Middle East Challenge Bowl Competition held on 22nd September 2021

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28 September, 2021

Congratulation to all ANPERC team for saving energy

ANPERC team helps keep energy consumption to a minimum compared to other KAUST labs.

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01 September, 2021

Ph.D. student Tihana Pensa completed two months of laboratory work at the Andalusian Institute of Earth Sciences in Granada, Spain

Tihana analyzed Sr, O, C, and S isotopes on rock samples from the Red Sea basin to determine the age and environments of deposition.

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30 August, 2021

CaResS group commences logging and processing core samples from the Upper Cretaceous of central Jordan

After successful drilling of 6 cored wells in the exceptionally organic-rich Upper Cretaceous source rock sequence from central Jordan, CaResS group has actively commenced logging and processing of the core samples.

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24 August, 2021

APG group postdoctoral fellow runs the plate tectonic model at the University of Bern, Switzerland

In July 2021, Dr. Jakub Fedorik, a postdoctoral fellow from APG group, visited the analog modeling laboratory at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

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23 August, 2021

ANPERC welcomes Prof. Bicheng Yan

We are pleased to announce that Professor Bicheng Yan, a Petroleum engineer with over 4 years of experience in the petroleum industry, has accepted a Faculty position at ANPERC.

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29 July, 2021

A sabbatical year at ANPERC-KAUST— Prof. Chih-Ping

Prof. Chih-Ping shares his ANPERC-KAUST sabbatical year experience

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12 July, 2021

Kaust’s Petrobowl Team qualifies to participate at the international PetroBowl Championship

On 14 and 15th of June, KAUST’s Petrobowl Team participated in the Middle East & North Africa regional Petrobowl competition.

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