All ANPERC Meeting - November 2022

27 November, 2022

Every month ANPERC holds a meeting with the entire department so that updates about the center are shared with all members.

The All ANPERC meeting of this month took place on November 27, 2022. During the meeting, the laboratory technician Mahmoud Mowafi presented equipment updates and changes in ANPERC laboratories. Mahmoud also featured Mengwei Liu a Ph.D. Student of Professor Santamarina Grouo, as the PPE hero of the month.

Also, ANPERC hosted a farewell party for the Associate Center Director, Professor Juan Carlos Santamarina and the Center Manager, Aeisha Salem, who are leaving the department.

ANPERC members prepared an emotional video, and the Center director Tadeusz Patzek gave a speech honoring for both.

See below some photos of the All ANPERC meeting: