Students from CaReSs Group Led by Prof. Volker Vahrenkamp embark on enriching Saudi Aramco internships, bridging classroom learning with real-world application

08 August, 2023

The Ph.D. Students Akbar Wicaksono, Gaurav Gairola, and Indah Putri from CaReSs Group led by Prof. Volker Vahrenkamp, were having their internship program in Aramco’s research center EXPEC ARC. Gaurav and Akbar were assigned a challenging research project that aimed to model and simulate the pore pressure evolution of an unconventional reservoir over geological time. Meanwhile, Indah's internship focused on advancing sequence stratigraphy correlation. She worked on integrating well logs, seismic data, and geochemistry information to develop a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the geological formations in the area.

On the other hand, the Ph.D. Student Muhammad Usman worked in the Southern Unconventional Operations Division where he developed a robust multi-disciplinary workflow by integrating well logs, petrophysical data, geochemical analysis, and geological modeling to derisk and characterize the studied area. This innovative approach provides invaluable insights for decision-making.

Reflecting on this transformative experience, Muhammad Usman shared: "This internship journey was a mutually enriching one, enabling me to gain practical experience while making meaningful contributions to the host organization."

Congratulations to Akbar, Gaurav, Indah, and Muhammad Usman for successfully completing their internship this year!