KAUST Angklung Ensemble performs at an Indonesian and Hijazi cultural event in Jeddah

22 March, 2023

The KAUST Angklung Ensemble was recently invited to perform at an event celebrating Indonesian and Hijazi cultural traditions in Al-Balad, a historic district of Jeddah City.

Dr. Andika Perbawa, a Postdoctoral Fellow from CaResS group led by Prof. Volker Vahrenkamp,  together with KAUST students and staff, delivered a rousing traditional Indonesian musical performance. 

Here, Dr. Perbawa, who curated the performance, shares his experience:

“We were so happy to be invited to perform Angklung, a traditional Indonesian bamboo musical instrument. It was the first time for the KAUST Ensemble under the KAUST Office of the Arts to play outside the campus. Moreover, we performed in Al-Ballad, the most iconic and historical spot in Jeddah.

We delivered a hybrid performance combining Angklung with guitar, bass, piano, cajon, saxophone, pandeiro or tambourine (from Brazil). We played two Indonesian songs (bengawan solo and karatagan pahlawan) and two western songs (starlight and viva la vida). The audience was captivated by the unique Angklung sounds. They sang along and complimented us on an exhilarating performance.” 

The Arab News newspaper also ran a story about the event.  Click here for more information.