Interpore Conference Presentation by Prof. Bicheng YAN

31 May, 2022

From 31 May to 02 June, some students, researchers, and professor participated in the 14th International Conference on Porous Media (InterPore 2022), held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. InterPore, the biggest event in fluid flow in porous media, attracts more than thousands of abstracts from around 100 universities, research institutions, and companies.

During the event, Prof. Bicheng Yan chaired the session entitled Machine Learning and Big Data in Porous Media, others including Dr. Qi Liu, Jamal Alaamri, and Ahmed Saad also chaired some sessions (Dr. Qi Liu for physics of multiphase flow in diverse porous media; Jamal Alaamri and Ahmed Saad for interfacial phenomena in multiphase systems). A total of 10 technical presentations are contributed by ANPERC.