Alexander Petrovic, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellow - Vahrenkamp Group

Research Interest

Sequence stratigraphy and architecture of carbonate platform reservoirs, sedimentological heterogeneities on sub-seismic scale and their impact on reservoir quality and connectivity, and the impact of anthropogenic particles on modern carbonate systems.


Research Interest keywords 

​CO2 storage, CCUS, subsurface fluid flow, seismic interpretation, 3D geological modeling, field work

Selected Publications

  • Post-LGM Upward Shift of the Mediterranean Outflow Water Recorded in a Contourite Drift off NW Spain
    A. Petrovic, H. Lantzsch, T. Schwenk, J. Marquardt, J. Titschack, T.J.J. Hanebuth
    Marine Geology, 407, 334-349, (2019)
  • Facies Heterogeneities In a Carbonate Ramp Reservoir Analogue: A New High-Resolution Approach For 3D Facies Modelin...
    A. Petrovic, T. Aigner, and M. Pontiggia
    Journal of Petroleum Geology, 41, 155-174, (2018)
  • Are Shoal Reservoirs Discrete Bodies? A Coquina Shoal Outcrop Analogue from the Mid-Triassic Upper Muschelkalk, SW ...
    A. Petrovic, T. Aigner
    Journal of Petroleum Geology, 40, 249-275, (2017)


  • ​Ph.D., Geology, University of Tübingen, Germany, 2016
  • M.S., University of Bremen, 2012
  • B.S., University of Bremen, 2009

Professional Profile

  • 2018- Present: Postdoctoral Fellow, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
  • 2016-2018: Assistant/Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bremen, Germany
  • 2012-2016: Ph.D Student, Eberhard-Carls University of Tuebingen, Germany
  • 2011: Intern - OMV
  • 2011: Intern - Engie SA (former GDF Suez)
  • 2009: Intern - Baker Hughes

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)
  • European Association of Geoscientists and Engineer's (EAGE)
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  • German Geological Society (DGGV)
  • Society pf Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


  • 2012 SEPM Mobil Student Poster Award, GV Meeting, Hamburg
  • 2017 Walter Schall Award, Society of nature-study of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Research Interests Keywords

modern and fossil carbonates Sequence Stratigraphy reservoir architecture