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The Upper Cretaceous and Early Cenozoic strata surface in a number of seismic scale outcrops along the Dead Sea fault escarpment in Jordan. Semi-three-dimensional exposures allow the construction of a high-resolution sequence stratigraphic model, incorporating facies and geobody variability and stratigraphic surface expression. The outcrop-based models can subsequently be combined with the borehole information, and published outcrops in the region, to establish a regional basin framework.

The interest of this stratigraphic interval is the occurrence of different depositional systems, which are in stratigraphic order: fluvial siliciclastic, shallow water carbonate platform deposits, chert-phosphate-chalk open ramp deposits, open and shallow shelf organic-rich deposits. Although a general stratigraphic framework was established by Powell and Mohammed (2011), there is scope for several detailed studies of the stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochemistry and paleo-ecology of this succession, the results of which are relevant for the phosphate mining, oil shale exploitation potential, and aquifer mapping. In addition, due to the well exposed proximal-distal transitions, these sections will provide valuable insight in the eustatic vs. tectonic control on sedimentation on the Northern part of the Arabian Plate. 

This project will include new data collection in outcrops in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the integration of subsurface information, and the construction of a 3D basin scale model illustrating the depositional sequences and lateral facies changes. 

Please e-mail your CV and the names of three referees

Minimum Qualifications

- Knowledge of carbonate and organic-rich depositional systems (outcrop and thin sections)

- Knowledge of sequence stratigraphic principles 

- Capability to work independently in the field

- Ability the synthesize large datasets

- Good speaking and writing knowledge of the English language

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Job Features

  • Location:

    Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

  • Education:

    PhD in a relevant field

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