RockGem inspects virtual 3D outcrop in the “cave”

19 March, 2024

Visiting student Meha Medjati, Postdocs Niccolò Menegoni & Yuri Panara, and Research Professor Thomas Finkbeiner are utilizing advanced photogrammetric data acquired last fall on Jebel Madar in Oman to create a virtual outcrop for mapping fault and fracture networks.

This innovative approach allows for detailed characterization of fractures, aiding in the development of high-fidelity fracture network models to enhance understanding of fluid flow dynamics. The cutting-edge software and hardware available at KAUST also facilitate the creation of realistic hands-on teaching tools for educational purposes, offering students a unique opportunity to engage with geospatial data in a practical and immersive manner.

This research not only contributes to the field of geology but also highlights the importance of utilizing technology in geological studies for enhanced learning and research outcomes.