Petroleum Experts Limited (Petex) has granted academic licenses for Software programs to ANPERC

21 January, 2024

Petroleum Experts Ltd, a leading software company, has generously donated educational licenses of their MOVE, PROSPER and REVEAL from the IPM Suite to ANPERC. This valuable contribution amounts to an impressive £5.7 million worth of cutting-edge software.


The MOVE suite is an indispensable tool for geoscientists, enabling them to conduct comprehensive three-dimensional analysis and structural modeling of Earth's crust deformation over time. Its advanced features facilitate the construction of accurate cross-sections, kinematic restoration, geomechanical modeling, fracture studies, and stress analysis.

This donation greatly enhances ANPERC's research capabilities, providing faculty members and graduate students with access to industry-standard software for their studies and teaching. The MOVE suite's robust functionalities will empower researchers to delve deeper into the complexities of Earth's crust and contribute to the advancement of geological knowledge and exploration.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to Petroleum Experts Ltd for their generous support and commitment to fostering scientific excellence at KAUST's ANPERC.

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