Prof. Thomas Finkbeiner presented the Geothermal Project @ KAUST at Saudi Aramco’s monthly ARC seminar on KAUST campus

17 July, 2023

On July 17th 2023, Research Prof. Thomas Finkbeiner, recently showcased the Geothermal Project @ KAUST during a monthly ARC seminar hosted by Saudi Aramco at the KAUST campus.

The seminar, which attracted a diverse audience, including members from both upstream and downstream research groups within Saudi Aramco, provided a platform for Prof. Finkbeiner to share his groundbreaking research. Accompanying him were Dr. Ahmed Abdelaziz, a dedicated postdoctoral researcher, and Jelena Skenderija, a highly motivated Ph.D. candidate. The trio's collective expertise and insights captivated the attendees, sparking engaging discussions and thought-provoking questions during the Q&A session that followed the presentation.

In recognition of his contribution to the field, Prof. Finkbeiner was honored with a certificate of appreciation presented by Abdulwahab Al-Ghamdi, the esteemed Director of KAUST Upstream Research Center. This event served as a testament to the collaborative efforts between KAUST and Saudi Aramco in advancing sustainable and innovative energy solutions.