Maria Ardila won the Student Poster Award at the International Association of Sedimentologists 2023

03 July, 2023

Maria Ardila, a Ph.D. student at ANPERC, recently made a significant achievement by winning the prestigious "Poster Student Award" at the 36th International Meeting of Sedimentology organized by the International Association of Sedimentology (IAS) in Dubrovnik.

Her outstanding work, titled "Depositional System Change at the Campanian-Maastrichtian Boundary: From Cherty Phosphates and Oyster Mounds to Organic-rich Shales (Southern Tethys Margin, Jordan)," garnered recognition and accolades from renowned geologists, sedimentologists, and sequence stratigraphers who attended the event.


The IAS meeting serves as a crucial platform for geoscientists and early career researchers to exchange knowledge, present their research findings, and network with experts in the field. Maria Ardila's achievement not only highlights her exceptional research abilities but also showcases the high-quality research being conducted at ANPERC. Her work sheds light on the depositional system changes that occurred during a specific period in the Southern Tethys Margin, Jordan, providing valuable insights into the geological history of the region.

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