The Middle East has great potential for CCS

30 January, 2023

In a KAUST funded project, we are evaluating the CO2 seal capacity of one of the best hydrocarbon seals in the world – the Hith anhydrite.

We (Prof. Thomas Finkbeiner, Prof. Hussein Hoteit, Prof. Frans Van Buchem, Dr. Mouadh Addassi and the Ph.D. Students, Nicolas Böhm and Maria Camila Hernandez have the privilege to be collaborating with world renowned experts from Oxford University (Prof. Joe Cartwright & team), UT Austin (Prof. Nicolas Espinoza & team), Seismik Inc. (Dr. Leo Eisner & team).

We recently examined core from the Hith formation recovered from a near-surface well located close to the capital Riyadh where Jurassic formations are cropping out.