Dr. Gang Han, President of ARMA visited ANPERC’s lab and provided a Seminar

17 April, 2022

On Thursday (April 14th,2022) , Dr. Gang Han, a Petroleum Engineering Consultant at Saudi Aramco Company and President of American Rock Mechanics Association (2021 - 2023) visited and toured ANPERC’s laboratory accompanied by representatives from KAUST’s ARMA student chapter, Alexis Koulidis, Jelena Skenderija, Marcelo Benitez, Daniela Ortiz, Andika Perbawa, Indah Putri, Musa Aliyu, Enoc Basilio, Camilo Guerrero, Santiago Peña as well as Professor Thomas Finkbeiner.

In the late afternoon, Dr. Han provided an overview of ARMA and also delivered a seminar entitled “The Values ​​of Geomechanics: Hydraulic Fracturing and Wellbore Integrity“. During the interesting talk, Dr. Han presented some participants with gifts from Saudi Aramco and also presented KAUST’s ARMA student chapter president Alexis Koulidis with a membership certificate of the American Rock Mechanics Association. Dr. Han anticipates numerous professional and academic benefits will result from this relationship.

“ I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my visit. Not only the state-of-art of facilities and beautiful campus but also the diverse people.  From visionary leaders…, to dedicated faculties…, and talented students …,  I have nothing but compliments for your contributions to the geomechanics community.  Besides visited facilities, briefed researchers, discussed chapter plans, and shared technical talks, I was also energized by the students with an “ARMA 5k” run in the early Friday morning.   Attached are sweaty big smiles. ” - Dr. Gang Han.

See below some images of the lab tour and the seminar presentation: