NMR lecture by Green Imaging Technologies

17 March, 2022

On March 13th and 14th, Mr. Derrick Green (CEO of Green Imaging Technologies Inc.) gave us two lectures on The basics of NMR and Advanced Topics on NMR

See below a summary of the two days of the lecture:

Day 1 - The basics of NMR in Rocks
This seminar introduced the audience to NMR, starting with the basics of NMR. From how NMR signals are generated to the different signal lifetimes (relaxation rates). The relationship between NMR relaxation rates and important petrophysical properties like pore size, NMR-derived pore size to bound and mobile fluid, and the NMR permeability relationships were all presented.

Day 2 - Advance NMR Petrophysics
This seminar discussed the additional petrophysical properties that can be examined with the more advanced NMR techniques. Utilization of spatial resolution that yields information about capillary pressure and flooding properties such as sweep efficiency were presented and discussed. Other properties such as wettability, gas adsorption, and relative permeability were also discussed, emphasizing how NMR can help characterize these properties.