MetaRock Laboratories provides training on RCA and SCAL equipment

02 March, 2022

A recent visit by MetaRock Laboratories engineers was completed successfully.

The objective was to provide comprehensive training on available RCA and SCAL equipment, focusing on core flooding. The training also fostered Knowledge transfer among all research staff and scientists to explore how laboratory experimental studies can be utilized to unlock subsurface complexities related to flow mechanism and enhanced oil recovery.

Among the most recent accomplishment is the three-phase flow system providing capabilities to inject CO2 at a supercritical state. Furthermore, the integration of the 2-phase acoustics separator to provide real-time oil/water interface level. This week, the efforts will continue to conduct other experiments by KAUST research scientists.

ANPERC will continue to extend the collaborations to provide full utilization of the existing equipment.

A final report with results and findings will be provided soon to demonstrate the capabilities.