Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC ARC Dhahran head office visits ANPERC labs.

20 January, 2022

On Thursday (Jan. 20th) five visitors from Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC ARC Dhahran head office visited and toured the ANPERC labs.

The visitors are technical professionals from Geology/Geophysics and were guided by Prof. Hussein Hoteit, Frans Van Buchem, Bicheng Yan, and Thomas Finkbeiner as well as Research Scientist Dr. Viswasanthi Chandra.

The focus of the tour and discussion revolved around experimental research in regards to enhanced oil recovery, rock mechanics measurements, core characterization, core flooding and CT scanning. A number of common research interests were identified, which will be followed up on to develop these into mutual project opportunities – in particular involving Saudi Aramco’s new R&D facility located in KAUST’s Innovation & Technology Park.

See some photos from the tour: