Natalia Odnoletkova was selected to represent Saudi Arabia at COP26.

04 November, 2021

On November 4th, we had the pleasure of being by AEON Strategy to participate in a panel at COP26 and as representatives and panelists, we had Natalia Odnoletkova, a Ph.D. candidate, Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit, Professor of Earth Science and Engineering, KAUST and Prof. Rod A. Wing, Director of the Center for Desert Agriculture, KAUST.

The panel highlighted the state of climate change and its impacts on the Kingdom, in addition to future impacts and adaptation measures and opportunities. The panel also aimed to discuss how advanced location-focussed forecasting and modeling can improve mitigation and adaptation measures.

Watch the full video of the session here.

In addition, click here to see an article published by ARAB NEWS regarding the study led by Saudi Arabia that puts the impact of climate change on health in the Middle East in perspective.