KAUST Global Fellowship Program

01 October, 2021

The KAUST Global Fellowship Program is a recruitment-driven program designed to attract to KAUST and Saudi Arabia outstanding new and emerging research leaders across the five pillars of KAUST Research (Water, Energy, Environment, Food and Health, and the digital domain). The fellowship will support exceptional postdoctoral level researchers, who have yet to hold an independent research post, in taking their initial steps toward a fully independent research career.

Excellence is the main criterion for this fellowship. Our aim is for the KAUST Global Fellowship Program to be recognized as one of the most prestigious fellowships globally and to become a mark of distinction for early career researchers.

The program is designed to have two strands. One strand is general and relevant to the five pillars of KAUST research and one is focused on a particularly timely priority research area. Year-to-year, strand two will focus on different research areas that are both topical and strategically important to KAUST.

The call for the 2022-2025 fellowship intake will fund research projects as follows:

  • Strand 1: research projects falling within or across one or more of the five research pillars ;
  • Strand 2: research projects on hydrogen production and storage solutions across one or more of the five research pillars.

This KAUST Research fellowship call is open from October 1 to November 30, 2021.

For more information you can visit the KAUST Global Fellowship Program website or contact the program team at kgfp@kaust.edu.sa



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