Viscoacoustic Anisotropy: the Wave Equations and the Eikonal Equations


Viscoacoustic anisotropy: the wave equations and the eikonal equations.

Incorporating attenuation anisotropy into the acoustic anisotropic wave and eikonal equations provides a choice for acoustic forward and inverse modeling in attenuating anisotropic media. In this seminar, Qi will talk about the dynamics and kinematics of viscoacoustic anisotropic wave propagation. In the dynamic aspect, Qi will present a relatively general description of the scalar and vector viscoacoustic orthorhombic wave equations. From such a general description, Qi will show briefly the corresponding wave equations in differential form for few classic viscoacoustic models, such as the Kelvin-Voigt, Maxwell, standard-linear-solid and Kjartansson models. To investigate the effect of attenuation and attenuation anisotropy on waveforms in multiple viscoacoustic models, Qi will illustrate the asymptotic acoustic radiations from a point source. In the kinematic aspect, Qi will show briefly the attenuating orthorhombic eikonal equation as a consequence of the viscoacoustic orthorhombic wave equations. Qi will introduce in detail the acoustic attenuating VTI eikonal equation for transverse isotropy. Qi will present a fast sweeping technique to numerically solve the acoustic attenuating VTI eikonal equation. Viscoacoustic anisotropic imaging and tomography are the main applications of the proposed wave and eikonal equations.


Qi Hao has worked on seismic anisotropy for over ten years. Before he joined KFUPM, he was a postdoc at the Department of Geosciences and Petroleum in Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he was supervised by Dr. Alexey Stovas (NTNU) and Dr. Tariq Alkhalifah (KAUST) to study various research problems on seismic anisotropy. He has published 21 papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented over 20 expanded abstracts at international conferences such as EAGE, SEG, and IWSA.

Event Quick Information

20 Jan, 2020
02:00 PM - 02:30 PM