Fluid-induced Seismicity by Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Stimulations: Rock Physics, Geomechanics and Hazard Assessments.

Abstract: Productions and injections of fluids in rocks can induce   significant earthquakes. Induced seismicity is observed by hydraulic   fracturing of shale and stimulations of enhanced geothermal systems.   Earthquakes can be caused by long-term developments of oil and gas   fields. Understanding and monitoring of fluid-induced seismicity is   necessary for controlling its seismic risk. The talk provides an   overview of physical and geomechanical fundamentals of the seismic   hazard, of approaches to its control and of various relevant case studies.

​Bio: Serge A. Shapiro has been Professor of Geophysics at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany since 1999, and since 2004, Director of the PHASE (PHysics and Application of Seismic Emission) university consortium project. From 2001 till 2008 he was one of Coordinator of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program (KTB). He was one of PIs of the 3rd KTB long-term fluid-induced seismicity experiment. His research interests include seismogenic processes, wave phenomena, exploration seismology, and rock physics. He received the SEG Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal in 2013 for his pioneering research on fluid-induced seismicity and rock physics, and in 2004 was elected a Fellow of The Institute of Physics (UK).

Event Quick Information

20 Mar, 2019
16:15 PM – 17:15 PM