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Becoming a Student at ANPERC and KAUST: Degree Programs and Fields of Study

ANPERC is part of the Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division at KAUST, and students interested in pursuing a M.S. or Ph.D. may apply for admission to the new Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering (ERPE) program, the Earth Science and Engineering (ErSE) program or the Chemical Engineering (CE) Program.  The links below provide information for applying to these programs.

Desired Qualities of ERPE, ErSE and CE students at ANPERC

In addition to KAUST’s values of achievement, passion, inspiration, citizenship, diversity, integrity, and openness, students working with ANPERC are expected to exhibit unique qualities that set them apart from the majority of students around the world seeking graduate degrees.  ANPERC strives to instill the following attributes:

Grounded in the fundamentals of geosciences and fluid flow, synthesizing a diverse set of  disciplines 

​Digital natives capable of leveraging 21st century technology to solve complex problems

Inventive and resourceful in their approaches to technical challenges

Experienced in collaborative and inclusive workflows

Deep exposure to the energy issues in geoscience, and the engineering challenges facing the Kingdom and the world

Inherently motivated to develop creative engineering solutions


ANPERC encourages applications from students with a high GPA in relevant engineering and science fields​, and a record of strong academic accomplishments.  
Questions about the Admissions requirements, deadlines, and other aspects of the applications process?  Visit KAUST Admissions. 


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