The Geological Potential of the Arabian Plate for CCS and CCUS
Volker Vahrenkamp

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

CCE GeoSoloutions - CO2 Utilization & Geostorage
J. Carlos Santamarina

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions
Andrew Barron

Swansea University

Hydrogen as a Fuel for Industrial Decarbonization
Steven Griffiths

Khalifa University

Decarbonization of Industrial Clusters
Mercedes Maroto

Heriot-Watt University

Derisking the Containment Problem in CCS
Joseph Cartwrigt

University of Oxford

Evaluation of Long-term Stability of Caprock Sealing Under Deep Saline
Dinesha Wanigarathna

Monash University

Field-Based Observations for CO2 geological Storage from 7 Years of Dinamic CO2 Injection at the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site
Rick Chalaturnyk

University of Alberta

Geomechanical Issues Affecting Long-Term Storage of CO2
Mark Zoback

Stanford University

Reliable CO2 Geological Storage: Accounting for Chemo-Thermo-Hydro Mechanical Coupled Processes
Nicolas Espinoza

The University of Texas at Austin

Extending Geologic Carbon Storage from Sedimentary Formations to Deep Volcanic Areas: Effect of Cooling-Induced Stress on Caprock and Fault Stability.
Víctor Vilarrasa

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Pore-Scale Mechanisms in Carbon Dioxide Storage and Application to Carbonates
Martin Blunt

Imperial College London

Carbon Utilization for Renewable Energy Storage Through Subsurface Methanation: Coupling of Bio-reactions and Fluid Flow
Holger Ott

Montanuniversität Leoben

Leakage Risk, Secondary Trapping, and Pressure Relief through Geothermal Energy Production for Advancing Geologic CO2 Storage
Jeffrey Bielicki

The Ohio State University

Assessing the Carbonation Potential of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks
Eric Oelkers

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)/University of Iceland

The "Temperature and Pressure Window" for CO2 Mineralization in Basalt
Sigurður Gíslason

University of Iceland

Navigating a Rising Tide of Hydrogen
Colin Ward

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)

Recycling Carbon Dioxide Through Catalytic Hydrogenation
Jorge Gascon

Center Director (KCC), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Geological CO2 Storage: Challenges and Opportunities from a Reservoir Perspective
Ruben Juanes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Role of the top Surface Morphology on Plume Migration in CO2 Storage
Seyed Shariatipour

Coventry University

Impact of CO2 Storage on Carbonate Electrical and Petrophysical Properties
Mohamed Mahmoud

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Modeling CO2 Injection and Migration on Deep Saline Aquifers: Reduced-order, Multiscale, and Hybrid Approaches.
Bo Guo

University of Arizona

CO2-Based Geothermal: CCUS that Generates Electricity Highly Efficiently While Storing all CO2 Permanently Underground
Martin Saar

ETH Zürich

Prospects for the Development of Geothermal Energy and CCS with Potential Application to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
James Craig

International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas (IEAGHG)

Geothermal Emission Control
Isabella Nardini

Fraunhofer IEG

CO2 Geo-Sequestration: Influence of Rock Wettability
Stefan Iglauer

Edith Cowan University

Technical Challenges for CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Age of Carbon Storage
Russell Johns

The Pennsylvania State University

Carbon Dioxide Storage Capacity of Organic-rich Source Rocks
Yucel Akkutlu

Texas A&M University

Unconventional CCUS Approaches
Maurice Dusseault

University of Waterloo

Re-using Depleted Fields for CO2 Storage
Filip Neele

Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

The Geological Potential of the Arabian Plate for CCS and CCUS
Volker Vahrenkamp

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

CO2 Storage in Depleted Reservoirs: Propabilistic Modelling for Assessment of Well Leakage Risk
Al Moghadam

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

Subsurface Energy Storage" From CO2 Storage to H2 Storage
Hadi Hajibeygi

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

What are the Knowledge gaps to De-risk Geological Leakage from Carbon Storage Sites?
Andreas Busch

Heriot-Watt University

Effectiveness of Active Containment Monitoring Barries
Florian Doster

Heriot-Watt University