Job Description

The ANPERC Laboratory is seeking a Laboratory Safety and Operations Specialist to join the ANPERC Lab team. This job is slated for 20 -25 hours per week and will have an initial contract for three (3) months. Contract extensions will be on a yearly basis thereafter should the initial three (3) months be a successful match for both ANPERC Labs and the Candidate.

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  • Acting as a lab safety representative responsible for evaluation of all ANPERC labs functions, performing risk assessments and ensuring safe lab practices.
  • Acting as a contact point for the Research Safety team at KAUST for conducting lab inspections and reporting safety related issues. Acting as emergency responder and first aid provider for ANPERC.
  • Investigate lab safety related incidents and report to the Research Safety Team at KAUST.
  • Provide relevant Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) trainings for ANPERC personnel before authorizing access to ANPERC labs. Provide basic and advanced safety training to ensure hazard free use of labs and equipment. Conducting lab safety orientation with Lab Manager for new lab users.
  • Providing lab access to new/existing ANPERC lab users and coordinating the relevant KAUST departments for any lab access related issues. Ensuring relevant lab safety and equipment trainings completed by the lab users before authorizing access to ANPERC labs and equipment.
  • Raise awareness among ANPERC lab users to safe lab practices by promoting HSE policies. Identifying lab users' non-compliance and communicating safety concerns yo lab users relevant to their experimental setup.
  • Preparing lab safety plans and guidelines and providing specific lab safety trainings to the lab users. Compile all necessary safety documentation oversee documentation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
  • Ensure safe lab and equipment operation by regular safety check regular check of lab users' non-compliance, identifying and indicating lab users' safety concerns relevant to their experimental setup.
  • Ensuring regular supply of lab safety related items including personal protection equipment (PPE).
  • Manage the salute record for KAUST Research Safety team. Coordinate and resolve salute training access issues to ANPERC Lab users.
  • Ensure participation in all KAUST HSE organized lab safety representatives meeting to keep Lab updated with new policies and safety requirements,
  • Inspect/Update/Install lab safety signage.
  • Ensure safe disposal of hazardous waste as per KAUST policy
  • Maintain and update google calendar and assistance for end-user access
  • Coordinate with F&M department fixing for utilities for Laboratory and student areas.
  • Maintain ANPERC equipment booking calendar adding or editing users and equipment,
  • Ensure general Lab housing keeping for ANPEC Labs
  • Prepare/Update Lab equipment SOPs inventory;
  • Preparing documentation for startup of new labs and coordinate with concerned departments at KAUST.
  • Set up datawaha in lab equipment and resolve any disconnectivity issue. Manage the access of datawaha in coordination with IT for lab users.

Chemical inventory/ ERM

  • Maintain chemical records for the KAUST salute chemical inventory for ANPERC.
  • Arrange chemicals for ANPERC lab users from other labs by tracking relevant chemical location from whole KAUST chemical inventory to make available at time of urgency for ANPER lab user;
  • Safe disposal of chemical in a system for inventory update
  • Perform peroxide former testing in ANPERC lab and update record every six months with the assistance of lab technicians
  • Physical inspection of all ANPERC chemical inventory ensuring proper segregation of chemicals by hazard classifications to avoid incompatibilities;

ANPERC Equipment

  • Maintain and update equipment inventory for ANPERC capital equipment;
  • Coordinate with KAUST Asset management (AM) department for new equipment tag;
  • Work with the asset management team during equipment auditing;
  • Liaison between ANPERC and corelab to prepare and arrange for asset disposal, transfer or other relevant tasks;

Engineering Job Requests (EJR)

  • Maintaining all EJR and relevant documentation of ANPERC.


  • Procure for catalog and non-catalog items for the ANPERC Labs,
  • Coordinate with warehouse for urgent deliveries
  • To coordinate and assist in of return of empty gas cylinders request by providing relevant documentation to the warehouse;
  • To coordinate with KAUST procurement logistics for any upcoming issues


  • Assist Lab Manager and ANPERC Lab team with daily operation's needs, including preparation of reports and documents, assist with arranging meetings and events, and related activities for smooth/efficient working of ANPERC.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Education: Preferred: Bachelors degree or higher in petroleum engineering, geoscience, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, or related engineering fields
  • Work Experience: Preferred: Experience working with Campus Office Services, Campus Services, Lab Equipment Maintenance, and other facilities organizations relating to the proper documentation for equipment and materials
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal
  • Ability to absorb technical information when it is presented systematically and applies it effectively
  • Project/task management experience, particularly involving coordination of multiple tasks, analysis and synthesis, and creation of written reports and/or presentations.
  • Experience with laboratory equipment and laboratory environment including equipment receipt, set-up, and start-up
  • Autonomy and ability to work on a range of varied work activities in a variety of structured environments, both alone and as part of a team
  • Proactive attitude and a rational and organized approach to workability to plan, schedule and monitor own work within short time horizon

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