Job Description

The Ali Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC) of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is recruiting for a Laboratory Manager.

 You will play a key role in the scientific, technical and operational aspects of ANPERC. The Laboratory (Lab) Manager will lead a team of 4-5 people, including three Technicians (Flow Assurance, Petro-physics, and Rock Mechanics) and one Lab Safety staff.

As the Lab Manager, you will be responsible for day-to-day safe operations to ensure all equipment is functional and available for researchers (24/7). The Lab Manager will participate in lab-based research projects, provide technical expertise, and manage research equipment.

For KAUST internal candidates, click here to apply.

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1. Lab Operations:

  • Under the direction of the Center Director, the ANPERC Lab Manager and in collaboration with the ANPERC Faculty manages the ANPERC laboratory daily operations, Lab Equipment, Lab budget, compliance with relevant KAUST policies and procedures.  This includes the ANPERC Lab Team, and all labs under the jurisdiction of ANPERC, including but not limited to other activities as set by the Center Director.

  • Assign, supervise, and prioritize duties and tasks to the Lab research teams, the Lab Safety Research Specialists, Staff and students in the ANPERC Labs.

  • Hold regular meetings with representatives of each of the ANPERC research groups.

  • Act as the liaison between Center Director, ANPERC Lab Team, ANPERC Faculty, KAUST Departments, vendors, and collaborating organizations.

  • Act as the principal point of contact with other KAUST entities (e.g., Corelabs, LEM, etc.).

  • Develop and implement laboratory operations and safety procedures and guidelines.

  • Disseminates ANPERC Lab information via seminars, lectures, ANPERC weekly and monthly meetings and other communication means (i.e. E-mail notifications, newsletter, etc.).

2. Lab Equipment:

  • Manage, oversee, and prioritize ANPERC equipment, functionality and maintenance.

  • Oversee the laboratory supplies, evaluates general research needs, and responsibly procures/obtains supplies in accordance with the supply and demand needs of the ANPERC Laboratory.

  • Discuss all technical specifications related to new equipment, service contracts, and technical field visits with the faculty and equipment vendors.

  • Negotiate contracts and specifications with vendors.

  • Identify and write technical proposals for new equipment or facilities.

 3. Staff & General Administration:

  • Ensure the ANPERC Lab team receives suitable training, including lab research staff, and MSc/Ph.D. students, for appropriate use of all lab equipment.
  • Guide and mentor ANPERC Lab Team in conducting research projects.
  • Organize Lab tours on behalf of ANPERC.
  • Coordinate with ANPERC Communications Specialist to promote the ANPERC Labs through social media, and any other communication outlets.
  • Monitor the Lab Safety and Operations Specialist to ensure all administration relating to the Lab has been completed and finalized.

4. Research Project Management:

  • Consult with the ANPERC Faculty, ANPERC Lab Team, students, and researchers in identifying and solving problems to improve the research environment.
  • Review scientific literature and recommends cutting-edge technology to Center Director and Faculty.
  • Participate in the preparation of results and scientific papers for presentations and publications, as needed.

Minimum Qualifications

A Ph.D. degree in Petroleum Engineering, Chemistry, Geology, Geosciences, Petrochemical, or related field (candidates with M.S. degrees and with exceptional experience may be considered). 
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