Student Profile

"Carlos teaches you how to think "outside the box" and I learnt a lot in the field, working under pressure and thinking quickly."

Gloria Castro Quintero is a PhD student in the EGEL research group, from Cali, Colombia. Her work takes her everywhere from the lab to the Red Sea.


"I want to improve myself, learn new things, have a better quality of life, and be a better person."

Indah Putri and her husband Andika Perbawa are Ph.D. students at ANPERC, furthering the cause of petroleum engineering from two different angles.


"In fact, every apparatus in the Core Labs has a dedicated expert offering training to understand the theoretical background and practical applications..."

Saleh Hassan is a Ph.D. student at ANPERC who grew up in Jeddah. Now he works with Dr. Tadeusz Patzek in the Energy Geosystems Group.


" I heard about a new fast-growing university in Saudi Arabia, the 'Arab MIT'."

Wardana Saputra is a Ph.D. student at ANPERC working with Center Director Tad Patzek, as one of the first students in the EGG research group.


"Our goal was to gather data about the sediments sea floor using state of the art tools designed and built in our laboratory..."

Adrian Garcia is a Ph.D. student working with Dr. J Carlos Santamarina, in the Energy GeoEngineering research group.


"We really know very little about the subsurface world..."

Weiwei Zhu is a Ph.D. student in ANPERC's Energy Geosystems Group, uniting geology, physics, and mathematics to better understand fracture networks. Find out how KAUST's faculty and facilities have helped him study the hidden world of fracture networks.


​"There was one unforgettable course in Geology with Professor Volker Vahrenkamp."

Rami Albattat is a Ph.D. student, working with Dr. Hussein Hoteit's Advanced Reservoir Modeling and Simulation research group. Learn about his work, and how KAUST's Ibex Cluster is involved.