Faculty and Technical Opportunities at ANPERC

ANPERC's current faculty and technical positions are listed below.  Faculty positions affiliated with ANPERC are part of the Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Division in the Earth Sciences and Engineering (ErSE) program. Click here for information on applying for a faculty position.

Postdoctoral Fellow Position: Geologic Research on the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba

Arabian Plate Geology Group (APG)

The successful candidate(s) for this project will investigate some the following topics:

  • Map and interpret stratigraphy and structures throughout the greater Red Sea area using satellite images and digital elevation models, reflection seismic data, and potential fields.
  • Map and interpret fault networks along the Gulf of Aqaba.
  • Chronostratigraphy of the evaporitic using strontium, carbon and oxygen isotopes and/or microfossils.
  • Determine uplift and exhumation history of the Arabian Shield using stratigraphic markers and thermochronology.
  • Determine variations in volcanism and sedimentation along the rift axis.
  • Interpret and model salt tectonic structures.
  • Interpret the dynamic evolution of rafted reef platforms along the margins.
  • MOR structure and geodynamics.

Qualified applicants should possess a Ph.D. in Geology. The candidate(s) should have advanced skills in several of the following areas: field mapping, structural geology, petrology, geodynamics, light and electron microscopy, seismic interpretation, SEM/EMPA, and sample preparation.  Candidates must be comfortable in remote field locations and on offshore research vessels. Candidates with strong research and publishing record are preferred.  

Applications are sought for a 1-to-2-year postdoc position. The position will include a competitive salary based on the candidate's qualifications; benefits include medical and dental insurance, free furnished housing on the KAUST campus, annual travel allowance to visit home country, annual paid vacation, and other generous benefits. 

The successful applicant will be part of the Arabian Plate Geology group (APG); Prof. Aboud Afifi is the PI of this group. It is affiliated to the Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC) at KAUST.

To apply, please send a CV, a letter of interest, and name and contact information of two references to Prof. Aboud Afifi, abdulkader.alafifi@kaust.edu.sa.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Advanced PhD students

Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory (EGEL)​

The Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory (EGEL) investigates the fundamentals of geo-materials, coupled thermo-hydro-bio-chemo-mechanically processes and emergent phenomena with advanced applications for the energy sector. Our approach is based on elegant experimental designs (with extensive instrumentation and monitoring), complemented with simple but robust analytical solutions and numerical simulations. 

We are currently recruiting dedicated Postdoctoral fellows and advanced PhD students to further extend our research in our four core areas: fluid flow, granular materials, fractured rock and IT/sensors. Successful applicants will have excellent written and oral English communication skills.

The conditions at KAUST are exceptional. Our secure campus is a "live and work" community in a beautiful setting on the Red Sea and is home to over 7000 professionals, students, academics and their families.  From an academic perspective, KAUST has unrivaled research facilities, world renowned academics, and already has the fastest growing citation record in the world. 

We can confidently say that the KAUST experience is a truly unique opportunity for brilliant Ph.D. students and Postdoctoral fellows who share the dream to make a difference in our field and in the world. We hope you will consider KAUST and our program.

Professor J.C Santamarina

Email your CV and the names of three references to Gabrielle Abelskamp: gabrielle.abelskamp@kaust.edu.sa

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For general queries: contact.uperc@kaust.edu.sa