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Highlights From EAGE London

Jun 26, 2019

ANPERC participated in EAGE earlier this month.

KAUST Ranks 18th Worldwide in New Nature Index

Jun 25, 2019

The Nature Index ranks KAUST 18th in the world by the quantity and quality of its research output.

KAUST Student Chapter Receives Student Chapter Excellence Award

May 23, 2019

The KAUST student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers has received special recognition.

Article on Soil Characterization in Science Magazine

May 12, 2019

An article by Dr. Carlos Santamarina and colleagues published in Science explores the impact of sediment behavior and construction practices in catastrophic dam failures.

ANPERC Prepares for EAGE 2019 in London

May 01, 2019

ANPERC will represent KAUST at one of the biggest geoscience and engineering conferences in the world.

Geologic and Human Time Scales: Can We Salvage Our Global Civilization?

Apr 28, 2019

See the slides from Tadeusz Patzek's popular Winter Enrichment and Scientific Crossroads Intitiative presentation.

Saleh Hassan Presents at IOR 2019

Apr 21, 2019

ANPERC PhD student Saleh Hassan has just returned from presenting at the European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery in France.

Carlos Santamarina and Junghee Park Accept Al-Kasabi Award

Apr 11, 2019

Dr. Santamarina and Dr. Park have received the Tarek Al-Kasabi Award for their groundbreaking work on soil classification.

Spring 2019 Recap

Apr 02, 2019

Here is a brief rundown of what has been keeping ANPERC busy these last few months.

Art Gives ANPERC a New Perspective on Science

Mar 27, 2019

Art and Science came together during Julia Garcia's two-week residency.

Geological Field Trip for ANPERC Faculty and Students

Mar 12, 2019

Over the weekend Dr. Aboud Afifi took his Geoscience students to Usfan and Shumaysi, just outside of Jeddah.

Lab on a Bench Faces Next Round of Taqadam

Mar 07, 2019

The Lab on a Bench team has cleared one round after another in the competitive Taqadam startup accelerator.

Atlantis II Research Trip Studies the Deepest Secrets of the Red Sea

Feb 28, 2019

EGEL has just returned from a unique seafloor formation known as Atlantis II.

ANPERC, I&ED Will Represent KAUST at MEOS 2019

Feb 25, 2019

ANPERC will present a booth at the MEOS exhibition, and several new papers at the adjoining conference.

SRSI Student Goes From ANPERC Protégé to IBDA’A Award Winner

Feb 20, 2019

Former SRSI Mohammed Suleiman is one of several winners of special awards and recognition by IBDA'A.