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Arab News Article on ANPERC-JAMSTEC Collaboration

Nov 25, 2019

A Recent collaboration between KAUST and Japanese researchers has been covered by Arab News.

Field Trip to Aqaba and Midyan

Nov 21, 2019

​A group of KAUST faculty and scientists, composed of members of ANPERC and the Red Sea Research Center, traveled to the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia last month.

"Create to Become:" Carlos Santamarina Speaks at Tanween

Nov 13, 2019

Carlos Santamarina spoke at Tanween about how to understand and promote creativity.

Ahmed Saad Takes Part in Harvard Internship

Nov 10, 2019

Ahmed Saad was among many ANPERC students studying and collaborating around the world in the summer of 2019.

Ahmad Alabdulghani Defends His Thesis

Nov 05, 2019

Ahmad Alabdulghani, after two years of hard work, presented his thesis on fluid flow experiments.

KAUST Live Interview: Tad Patzek and Ahmed Saad Talk SPE Student Activities

Oct 22, 2019

Dr. Tad Patzek and Ahmed Saad talked to Nic Demille about SPE's student activities, and why it's so valuable to the education of engineers of different disciplines.

New Postdoctoral Fellows Have Joined ANPERC

Oct 08, 2019

Read about two of the newest postdocs to arrive at ANPERC this semester.

ANPERC Students Talk About Summer Internships

Sep 30, 2019

ANPERC students were busy this summer interning for companies and institutions around the world.

ANPERC's Research Impact Continues to Grow

Sep 29, 2019

ANPERC students and researchers present around the world, most recently at a petroleum geostatistics conference in Italy.

Saleh Hassan Takes Part in 10th University Scholars Leadership Conference

Sep 10, 2019

The University Scholars Leadership Symposium helps young people make a positive impact on their world.

KAUST Fellowship is a Powerful Tool For Science

Sep 03, 2019

One of KAUST's least widely known advantages is its competitve fellowship that gives students and scientists the freedom to pursue their research.

New CT Scanner Expands ANPERC Research Capability, Part I

Aug 28, 2019

The ANPERC lab facilities have been greatly augmented by the addition of a powerful new CT scanner.

New Core Samples from Qassim Region

Aug 20, 2019

With ARAMCO's help, ANPERC has acquired some new core samples from the Subair and Qusaibah shale formations.

A Busy Summer for ANPERC Internships

Aug 18, 2019

Nearly a dozen interns from four different programs studied at ANPERC this summer.

InterPore 2019 in Valencia Features Several ANPERC Presentations

Jul 29, 2019

ANPERC and KAUST were well represented in Valencia at the 1029 InterPore Conference.