Winter 18/19 News Recap

Feb 04 2019

‚ÄčThe 2018/2019 winter season has been busy for ANPERC and the rest of KAUST. ANPERC's latest faculty member, Dr. Aboud Afifi, spoke at an SEG conference in Hurghada about salt tectonics in the Red Sea. Dr. Hussein Hoteit's research group, Advanced Reservoir Modeling and Simulation, has a new website ready to present their exciting work to the public. And for two weeks the KAUST campus became a showcase for amazing talent and research from around the world during the Winter Enrichment Program. Here are some highlights from December and January.

Dr Aboud Afifi examines a piece of phosphoric limestone during a field trip in Egypt.

David Gonczi is hard at work updating the Advanced Reservoir Modeling and Simulation research group's new website with the help of multiple cups of coffee.

Center Director Tadeusz Patzek gave a seminar on the long past (and possible short future) of the human race, as part of WEP 2019.

"We have to stand on the shoulders of people doing extraordinary science" says MacLaren COO Johnathon Neale about the company's partnership with KAUST.

"I want to give back, as I hope you will too, to the Kingdom, to the world, and to our shared understanding of reality." Nada AlJassim gave the student commencement address in December.

Dr. Shehzad Ahmed loads a new core flood system, one of many new pieces of precision equipment that will expand ANPERC's research capabilities.