Spring 2019 Recap

Apr 02 2019

The spring has been a busy time for ANPERC faculty and students. From publishing the latest research to presenting at academic conferences, ANPERC's impact on the Kingdom and the world is growing.

Associate Director Carlos Santamarina gave the keynote address at the Future of Fuels research conference earlier this month. Meanwhile Center Director Tadeusz Patzek was a guest speaker at the Thought Leaders Round Table in late February, and ANPERC faculty have attended conferences as far away as The Geological Society's 4D Subsurface Modeling conference in London.

One of ANPERC's biggest impacts this year was representing KAUST alongside KAUST Innovation at MEOS in Bahrain. In addition to reaching out to people with an exhibition booth, ANPERC students and faculty presented papers at the MEOS conference, and helped to judge the SPE student paper contest attached to the event. Above is Victor Torrealba, recognizing the hard work of talented young scholars. "I talked with students about the wonderful world of ANPERC at KAUST, making sure it was on the radar for all those considering making a world impact during their graduate education and beyond."

While in Bahrain, ANPERC students on the KAUST Petrobowl team won second place, qualifying for the international competition in Canada. Last year the KAUST Petrobowl team gave a strong performance and outperformed every team from the MENA region in the finals before being eliminated. Keep watching to find out if this is their year to bring home the prize.

It's not all changing the world through petroleum engineering. ANPERC students and staff participate in community events, such as the KAUST ensembles concert, in which members from all across KAUST's diverse community give choral and orchestral performances.