ANPERC Visits KAUST's New Prototyping Core Lab

Feb 07 2019

The Prototyping Core Lab is collaborative, in the sense that students or other researchers "materialize their ideas," with training and assistance from lab personnel. PhD student Wonjun Cha explains why that makes such a big practical difference: "It's similar to other workshops, but we operate the machines, not technicians. That means there is no queue, no need to discuss changes to design. If you have the materials, like 3D printing materials, you can fabricate anything without delay." The lab reflects KAUST's commitment to making state of the art equipment readily accessible. As PhD student Farizal Hakiki succinctly puts it: "There's no charge to use the machines. They only charge for materials."

In fact the Prototyping Core Lab does more than give students a chance to do hands-on fabrication. They provide help with design and realization, and necessary safety training, six days a week. This collaboration is especially important for a university like KAUST that fosters startups and cutting edge research into everything from solar panels to deep-sea probes.

The lab is part of the Workshops Core Lab, whose website can help you find the services and facilities that are right for your project. The online registration form can be found here.