JAMSTEC Delegation Visits ANPERC

Feb 14 2019

Left to right: Dr. Yasuhiro Yamada, Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner (KAUST), Adam Wspanialy, and Dr. Moe Kyaw.

Yasuhiro Yamada, Moe Kyaw, and Adam Wspanialy from the Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology visit KAUST this week. The purpose of their visit was to collaborate with ANPERC faculty and deliver two seminars on the geology of the Nankai Trough off the coast of Japan, as well as their latest work studying this phenomenon. Their work ranges from computer modeling to drilling deep under the oceanic crust onboard specialized vessels. The most recent goal of this drilling expedition is to extend their reach to around 5200 meters below the surface.

This explains ANPERC's collaboration. As Dr. Thomas Finkbeiner puts it "Because of the nature of the drilling operation and need for near-real time analysis, expertise in the use of geomechanics is especially useful. Therefore, a real-time geomechanics operations team was put in pace to which I was intvited. This team of experts monitors, oversees, and mitigates risk during the drilling phase to ensure the well maintains mechanical integrity and can reach its target." Drilling for samples under kilometers of rock that are constantly moving makes this an on-going challenge. Future collaborations may focus on 3D geomechanics modeling, deep water Boring Machine Systems, and core sample analysis of in-situ rock strength.

This is the latest of many visits by delegations from institutions around the world. Check the ANPERC and PSE events pages to stay on top of future visits by scientists from the UK and USA.